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Default Re: Hookah Mishaps of a Comical Nature.

I guess I will kick it off, here goes, this is a good'un.

An aquaintence of mine, who shall for his sake, remain nameless, was interested in my hookah at a party a bit ago. I explained how it worked, and after a few moments, he said "Oh yes, yes, I'm familiar with the water pipe. I didn't quite recognize your terminology, apologies." He seemed to be telling the truth. I offered to let him pack the next bowl (as it was pretty much spent) while I went to the bathroom. I went, mingled a bit, and came back. The wind cover was on my hookah, and he was grinning, as if to say "here ya go, buddy." I was just happy someone packed the bowl and sat down to accept the first few hits, which he kindly offered.
As I drew in, something seemed strange. Perhaps the coals weren't quite ready, or too wasn't it... odd....I thought to myself. Dragging in, I began to feel a tickle, but it was unusual. I went into a fit of coughing. Laughing, I said, " Dude, what'd you do, put 6 charcoals on, haha??" He affirmed that he had in fact, put only one. I removed the windcover to inspect, and immediately noticed the problem.
I only wish I had a camera for you, but I will try to do the situation justice...
The shisha was sitting nicely on top of the foil, under which lied one very misplaced 40mm three king tablet.
Yes, thats right. Shisha on top of foil, coal underneath. I haven't laughed so hard in awhile...he was ,needless to say, rather embarassed. No amount of alcohol can justify that haha.
There ya go
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