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Default R.I.P. My KM

Haven't been on here for a while(haven't been able to smoke my hookah much lately either ) but the night before last, I decide to get my hookah out and I've finally got some more shisha and coals. I'm smoking with a friend and it's going pretty nicely having missed my rig much over the past few weeks when disaster strikes. Said friend goes to grab some Mtn Dews and comes back, paying almost no attention and running straight into my hookah.
In the most heartbreaking explosion of water, fire and glass, I see my hookah fall and crash into the floor of my porch, burning 2 massive round holes in the carpet and leaving a big stained spot from the water(had been smoking for a while and the water was getting pretty cloudy by this point). Now I'm waiting for him to pay me back so I can get a new base, but the rest seems to be fine(save for the massive burns in the carpet). I miss my rig already, I've been wanting to smoke so bad in the past 2 days I'm considering fashioning a spare liquor bottle into a makeshift hookah for the time being.
On a positive note, it finally gave me a good enough reason to put an order in at Hookahstore to get more shisha and coals :P
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