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Post great mixes vs disasters

this thread is ot post yout LEGAL home mixes!!

ok ill go first today i mixed sweet lime soex with cherry al naik and iraqi date syrup with cinnamon.
The mix pu tout my coal within a few mins but i pu tdry mix on top (no date syrup) to help burn the top to mak e acrust for heating it.
once i got it going the cinnamon got stronger n stronger til it tasted like acherry pie with a bit of lime. i sprinkled more cinnamon on an di was in business!! it was agreat smoke once the cinnamon kicked in the smoke even smelled lik ecinamon and there was aparty in my mouth.
th edraw back was that i pu tin too much syrup which can be fixed by cutting back on it. it was very wet and put out my coal but like i sai donce i go tit goin i wa sin business!! it was all around a great smoke and evne if you just sprinkle cinamon on the coal youll get a great smell that will please even the non smokers. to get the full effect youll want to pull the smoke over the tip of your tounge and back over the rest of your tounge for a cool sweet and bitter spicy taste.

what are yall mixing and is it great or was it a disaster no one could ever love?
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