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Default Re: Personal Hookah Enjoyment

Originally Posted by bpetruzzo View Post
I almost always smoke from taller hookahs. There are a number of reasons people select large hookahs over small ones. Though the major differences probably will be moot unless you're something of a hookah aficionado. The size of the clouds themselves shouldn't be affected, though the flavor and experience could.

Here's a few of the reasons. I'm sure people have others.

- Traditionally, a hookah always goes on the ground. The height allows you to make adjustments to the coals without needing to move too much in your chair.

- Metal absorbs heat and helps cool the smoke before even getting to the water. A taller stem will have more metal spread over a larger area, and therefore more opportunity to absorb the heat, producing smoother smoke. Though there are ways to achieve the same results from a smaller hookah--such as loading the base with ice.

- Smaller hookahs usually require the water level to be closer to the stem's hub. It becomes more likely to pull some water into your hose, which can produce a strange vibration when smoking. But more importantly, if you don't have a washable hose, it will create rust and ruin your hose a lot more quickly.

- Smaller hookahs, such as Mya Hookahs, usually have "common chambers", unlike most larger hookahs which have "split chambers". This makes purging harsh smoke from your base nearly impossible without additional modifications.

- On the other hand, however, smaller hookahs are easier to travel with, store and clean. This is a major contributing lifestyle factor and a big part of the reason I have a couple of smaller hookahs myself.

The size of the hookah itself has little to do with how many people can or should be using it. One hose is one hose. The size of the hookah has everything to do with your life style and what is most important to you in your smoke session.
I didn't know some of these points! But definitely into larger hookahs (assuming I'm not traveling) just for the looks and overall feel it gives to the environment. I only smoke with friends / groups of people, so its nice to have a crowd pleaser.
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