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Default Re: Best place to buy a pipe in Montreal?

Originally Posted by alanpeterson68 View Post
ahhh yes i forgot about that Sorry pal I tried to help ya out. I hope he finds everything he needs.
You were right though, importing from the US is still our best option. There's hardly any hookah/shisha shop left in Montreal from 10 years ago because of the dreadful tobacco taxes and Hitlerian smoking laws. There's still a handful of lounges, but it's illegal to open up a new one. The government won't issue special permits for hookah lounges anymore. That means when the existing lounges close down, it's over, no more hookah lounges in beautiful Montreal.

Anyway, dreadscought, your friend might have to ask around on Mont-Royal Avenue, but I'm pretty positive that's where he'll find something, if there is indeed something to be found.
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