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Default First solo session!

I've smoked hookah probably 15-20 times before, but never set them up for smoking and done it solo. Had the pleasure of my first one tonight with AF Watermelon in a 2010 KM + mini phunnel and some QL chinese Dodo coals (i know, i know.) Overall it went GREAT! Started off with 3 coals just to get it really sizzling and ended up sticking with 2 for the majority of the session. Ridiculous, endless thick clouds and amazing flavor from the AF. Got a pretty heavy buzz going (still am) and it carried along nice and evenly throughout the whole smoke, which was about 45 mins. I'm truly surprised nothing went wrong and this was a great experience for me, thanks to all the great help I've found on these forums. Yipee!

**EDIT: one concern i had was when i detached my non wash KM hose and there was a bit of water coming out the hose port end.. i aired it out as much as i could, dried the ends as far in as i could and left it hanging just to get any tiny bit out. should i be worried about this?

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