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Default Re: How to get my GF to Start Smoking...

Originally Posted by Ignited View Post
Only thing you can do is ask if she would be open to smoking if she gets to pick the flavor. If she refuses, you should just respect her opinion and not pressure her to do it.
Originally Posted by Dusty62 View Post
+1 ignited. While it would be totally awesome to share the hookah experience with her if she were open to it, trying to coerce, bribe, cajole, or otherwise "convince" her to do something that goes against her will, beliefs, or even personal choice wouldn't be a very good idea. If you accept her feelings on hookah and she accepts your feelings on hookah then who knows, maybe one day, without pressure, she may just ask you to let her try a puff just to see what it's all about but you're much better off letting her come to that point on her own without being harrangued (which I'm sure she'll view attempts to get her to smoke as) to do it. Best of luck, friend. Smoke happy.


Couldn't agree more. It would be great if she gave it a shot, but it would be a tragedy if she violated her conscience to do it. If she accepts that you like it, even if she doesn't, you should give her the same courtesy. And, if you really enjoy it, over time your appreciation for it may inspire her to want to give it a shot. That would be an organic way for her to fall in love with the tradition and there isn't risk of her growing resentful toward you if she hates it.
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