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Default Nakhla+Vortex+Coconaras

No, I'm not about to describe a wet dream, although it does look like one at first.

This is a question thread. I've had some rather good sessions with the above combination. Usually I pack the vortex below the rim, sometimes loose, sometimes tighter, then single foil and 3 coals, switching their position once or twice per session and using an aluminum foil "wind-cover" for heat management. The coal lasts around 45min or something.

Is this optimal? Sometimes it just feels like I can get more out of it than what I'm getting atm. I've tried overpacking it once and that was good times, but there are probably ways to improve my experience when smoking the "normal way" too?

I've heard some stories about coconaras lasting 2 hours or something. Is this for real? Two hours on the same 3 coals? Even the gigantic (in comparison) cocobricos don't last nearly as long.

So, how do you guys pack yours?

ps: I'm mostly concerned about optimal clouds and duration here, flavor's fine and a good buzz is guaranteed with nakhla anyway.
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