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Default vortex bowl users....

How do you like your Vortex bowl? I've only smoked mine once, just bought it yesterday, and it was an interesting event.

Started out with packing it lightly, with the shisha just above the holes, and just below the top of the spire. Then I put the foil on, with three circles of holes, the first close to the middle, middle in the...middle, and the last one close to the outer rim. Then i placed two quick light Holland Coals (yeah yeah, i know) and after i thought both we're lit, i put my wind-guard on it, and pretty soon the smoke started coming thick and flavorful. pretty good clouds, and it felt like i was biting into a York Peppermint Patty, fucking delicious. About an hour later, the flavor was still strong, but the smoke was pretty much gone, so i figured it was done. Picked up the wind-guard...and one of the coals hadn't even been going, i held a lighter to it for about a minute and it wouldn't light. lovely, it was a dud, and i ended up wasting 3/4 of the shisha i packed(is it reusable?), i wasted that much, and yet the flavor and smoke were wonderful. any tips on what i'm doing wrong as opposed to the dud coal? i'm definitely going to make sure both are lit and going strong next time.

Thank you in advance, fellow hookah smokers
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