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Default Re: Nature or instant lites coals ?

instant lite has chemicals added to help the coal ignite faster natural are made of untreated wood or coco fibers and are flavorless when used where as the instant lite coals leave a burned rubber or gas smell and taste when used!! if you borrow a quick lite and a natural and light them individually and smell them and use them on your hookah (not at the same time) youll know what i mean!! my hubby go tm equick lites fo rmy first coals and i hated them they sparked too mych when lit smelled an dtasted like burned rubber and the tobbacco was permiated with the stinch an dflavor after 30 mins o fsmokeing!! i now use kanaras which are coconut coals and i have coconaras for when the kanaras are out thye are the same stuff but i heard coconaras have less ash an d47 bucks for 324 coals is a good deal!! but like i said you can do the experiment on your own and see if you have the same reaction many of us do!!
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