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Default My adventures with UPS

My package from HookahStore arrived yesterday! but no one was home to sign for it, so UPS stickied their little note on the outside of my front door (the glass door, not the wooden one behind it). it stormed most of the day, heavy downpour, so by the time i got home from work, my sticky note was kind of a pulpy mush on the glass, but i was able to get the number from the bottom. i went to their website, entered my number, and came up with 4 options:
(1) let them haphazardly try again to deliver it, most likely at times when we're both at work. 3 failed delivery attempts = return to sender.
(2) will-call pick up from the 'local' customer care center. same day available
(3) pay them extra to deliver my package when i'll be home
(4) return to sender

obviously options 1 and 4 are not what i'm looking for here... and i really wanted my new hookah, so option 2 it is. after a couple minutes of searching, i find out that my 'local' customer care center is 35 miles away. that's not actually the bad part, as one of my best friends lives 3 minutes away from their location, and 33 miles of that is straight interstate. i send them my phone number and will-call request and await their call. 45 minutes later (this makes it about 4:45 on friday afternoon, i receive the call that my package will be available there at 7:15. after triple checking that i would actually be able to claim my package at that time despite their website saying that they close at 6, i make plans with my friend and head up there. got up there at 7:30, and found the guarded entrance. i know that we want safety in shipping, but this place looked like a prison.

there was a small group of people standing around in front of it, so we walked over there to investigate further. the guard house was manned by 3 amazing individuals who obviously did not want to spend their friday evening helping anyone. there's 2 guards, one to check people coming in, and one to check employees leaving (metal detectors both ways). since none of us were actually entering, the incoming guard was lounging and eating a donut. the third attendant was a snippy woman who was apparently the only person actually dealing with package claims. i signed in on her clipboard and she told me that "in a minute she'd see if she could find it." then she stood around and chatted with the guards, apparently waiting to see if anyone else showed up so she didn't have to make 2 trips. another lady showed up for her package, and i directed her to the package minion. eventually, she went to search for our packages.

15 minutes later, she comes back with 3 boxes on a little dolly. while we're waiting, several employees exited, but did not leave. they hung around about 5' from where we were waiting, smoking cigarettes and loudly cursing their jobs. i understand that you just got off of work, but we're all still customers. the cursing won't bother me one bit, but the lady next to me's eyes shot up very big at the first (of many) F-bombs. very professional UPS. another lady arrived for her package, waved to the package troll and was handed a package... 30 seconds and gone while i've been waiting here almost half an hour at this point. the lovely package woman chatted with the guards a little more, bumbled around for a minute or so, then seemingly remembered that we were still waiting on her. checked our IDs and finally gave us our packages.

enchilladas, a couple beers, and my beautiful new KM helped to smooth over my annoyance. got back to my place at about 1:30, excitedly opened my package... maybe got a little too excited and packed up a bowl. made it to bed somewhere around 4am.

thankfully my package arrived in great shape, but i hope this is not an ordeal i'll have to go through again anytime soon.
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