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Default Re: Nature or instant lites coals ?

Quick lights would be better for beginners because they are much easier to set up and if you're just getting into hookah then you probably won't notice the difference yet. My first box was 3 kings instant light and they were fine when I begun, but now I use coconaras which are just amazing.

Quick lights
-lighting more by setting them on fire and they catch and light quickly
-easy to clean up (because they dissolve in watter you can wash them down your sink)
-they make a small oder and taste
-they don't last too long

Natural coals
-no taste or oder
-last a long time / hotter for longer
-annoying to light (you have to heat them up instead of just lighting)
-don't dissolve easily so you have to cool them down and throw them away

Hope that helped
Happy Smoking
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