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Default Re: My adventures with UPS

I had an order come UPS not too long ago that I kept tracking on UPS's tracking site. Right before getting off work the site said it was out for delivery. I was super pumped. I got home about 6:20 and looked around my house . . . no package yet. So, I went in and did all the "just got home from work" crap that ya just gotta do. Took me about an hour to do all of that so I hopped onto my computer and checked out the tracking site again. Ohhhhhhh . . . it said my pkg had been delivered at 6:30. Wooo hooo. I ran outside to check by each door. Confused, I looked around me as I realized that there were no packages whatsoever. Ok, I said, I know I've heard of them leaving at wrong addresses before, so I start walking down the street, just looking at each house to see if there were an unattended box sitting anywhere. Lo and behold, right next door, at the address numerically previous to mine, was my box. Now, my address was printed very clearly on the package. The house number right beside the door on the house where they left the package was, amazingly, two digits off from the one printed on the package, ie, I'm 1403 and it was left at 1401 . . . a literal walk of 35 feet from where it was left to where it was supposed to be. I know the UPS delivery guy and when he walked up the steps to deliver the package he was eye to numerals with the house address. No excuse whatsoever for leaving it at the wrong house. Luckily my neighbor is really nice and I had no problem just grabbing my package so this one turned out lucky. Smoke happy.

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