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Start from ground zero.[LIST][*]Give your pipe and bowl a real good cleaning use hot water and some scrub brushes.[/LIST][LIST][*]It probably wouldn't hurt to let your tobacco acclimate* in the room you will be smoking in (*acclimate= to adapt to a new temperature, altitude, climate, environment, or situation).[/LIST][LIST][*]Fill your base with cool water about .5"-1" over the top of your down stem. Some people like more water some like less, do as you see fit.[/LIST][LIST][*]Blow out your house before you use it, that way you will know there is absolutely nothing in it.[/LIST] [list][*]Then pack up your bowl, while you let your coals light up. If you are using ql's make sure they are nice and hot all over! An easy way to light them is on an electric coil stove. If you don't have a stove and need to use a lighter/bic, then light them up and let them get red all over and wait a few mins for them to go grey/white and ash[/LIST][LIST][*]Put the coals on your bowl, let them rest for a min or two.[/LIST][LIST][*]and now the fun part begins... Start smoking[/LIST]
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