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Default [Question]Hi im new here and i have a question about KM Hookah

hi guys
im new here and I see you have a nice community :]
im smoke hookah like 4-5 years
im only buy syrians hookahs
I From israel and we not have here Khalil Mamoon Hookahs :[
i see on the internet Khalil Mamoon Hookahs and i think its a very good and special hookahs
we smoke here only with Nakhla or Homemade tabbaco :[
and the Coals we smoke only with Superstar or Pegasus coals thats only we have here ..
And we have no choices as in the United States (Hookahs , Tabbaco , Coals)
and i want to buy KM Hookah Tabbaco and Coals like you .

but i see on websites in the internet shops but they sell items only in USA :[

i want to buy Hookah in the internet but i dont think its can send to Israel .
if someone here know about shop like that tell me please .

Thanks you very much .
I hope I'll be active here
ldnz .

This is the Tabbaco we have here :

and this is the Coals :
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