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Default Re: The not so good side to narghile smoking, part 1

What you are saying is understandable. It is hard to predict a reaction one will have when faced with a something that comes out of no where.

A couple of things that help you become the master of a situation is to routinely practice something called "immediate action drills". This is basically dry runs you practice over and over with a buddy and a prop for your weapon and her/his. You do this to the point that it becomes instictive.

The other is mental conditioning. You basically brain wash yourself. You you tell yourself that there is one way to survive and that is to dominate all situations that confront you..... and all adversaries. You drill it through your mind that you must do whatever it takes to overcome your opponent no matter who is watching or what people may think..... no matter if it means that the your fate will be decided by a Grand Jury. Better to be judged than carried.

With that being said..... I am no Rambo. I can just as easily get killed or come out on the losing side of hurtin game. Or get carted off in cuffs.
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