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Default Re: Question about Coconara

Originally Posted by iSmokeHookah View Post
Soo, heres whats been happening to me lately with the Coco Nara coals. I use an electric stove to get them going. I wait until they are (or what looks to be) fully lit. When I place them on the foil though and smoke with them, the side that is sitting on the foil goes out. So I flip the coal and it happens again on that side, so in the end in I have a coal thats no longer lit. Do these just need open flames to fully lite?

I don't use Coco cause its hard to find them in San Diego, but I use a similar natural coal and I think that's just the nature of the beast. The bottom of the coal will not always stay red hot like the tops, but that's okay because if it did, it would burn the crap out of your shisha if you weren't rotating them like a every second!
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