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Default Vendor question

First of all, i`d like to say hi to everyone here, i`ve been reading the forums for a few months now, but i`ve never quite got arround to posting anything.
I know you see these kind of threads everyday and you`re probably sick of answering the same questions, but i`m really stuck trying to find some good shisha I live in Romania, and the only shisha i found at my local stores is Cleopatra, which is expensive ( arround 10$ for 50g ) and has a crappy flavor. I`ve also searched for some sites that sell shisha, but except the one i got my hookah from, i haven`t managed find any. That site only sells El Rosha, which i don`t want to buy cus i want real tobacco, and 4 flavors of Mizo for arround 12$ / 50g not including transport. That`s way too much for just 50g, which will probably only last me for about 3-4 bowls, so i was wondering if you guys knew a site ( preferably from Europe ), that sells Nakhla or any other good shisha. Also, am i going to have any problems with customs confiscating my shisha or asking for taxes on it ?
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