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Default Re: Ed Hardy hookahs gone for good?

Originally Posted by leehugo84 View Post
Hey buddy, I got two KM's, three MZ's, One Mya, and One Ed Hardy Hookah, 3 Kilos of Ed Hardy Tobacco Shisha and Two Kilo's of Herbal Shisha. I dont appreciate you bashing on Ed Hardy or people like me. The shisha is REALLY FUCKING GOOD. I also pay less for it than I do for starbuzz so I dont get why you are bashing on me. If you have a grudge against Ed Hardy, thats your problem, but why are you bashing me? If I see you in real life, I'm gonna bash your teeth.

With Peace(except to Jvminner) and Love(also not to Jvminner)
Hahaha I love when people epitomize the stereotypes they are being criticized for
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