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Default Re: Desi Murli - 3 months until it started to gorw mold.

Originally Posted by AralVorkosigan View Post
even better, if you can vac seal it you could try that. would be a pain in the ass if you do use it often though.
What you could do, along these lines, if you have enough free time that is, is perhaps vacuum seal them into smaller bags. It would be like 50g samplers and do it that way... but i hate doing more than one or two vacuum seals at a time myself...
I know fridges remove moisture but *i don't think* (someone please correct me here if i am wrong) they can remove moisture from a vacuum sealed bag.. so you could then put those extra vacuum sealed bags in the fridge. Plus if you add honey/glycerine to "revive" the DM pre-seal it would be able to "marinate" so to speak. It was also of course be totally air tight.
However i am speaking in theory. Not out of actually doing this. Just an idea.
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