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Default Re: The not so good side to narghile smoking, part 1

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner
Thanks to sammniamii for the advice. However, the problem is that when something totally unexpected and stressful happens how a person reacts is unpredictable. Itís always easy to imagine yourself being thoughtful and restrained when all hell breaks lose or transforming into an ass kicking hardman when the need arises. Yet the truth is when such situations come up being frozen with fear/indecision is very common as is hysteria, panic and running away.

Iíve not been around much violence in the last 10 years (my youthful days are another matter I wonít discuss for fear of offending) but my reactions in those situations were pretty diverse. I recall once making the stupid decision of trying to reason with a huge drunk as a way of stopping him from beating a friend of mine which resulted in us both getting beaten and nearly stabbed until someone else shocked the maniac into submission. Once I was in a situation that I knew was going to turn ugly and once it did I knew Iíd lose. Oddly, enough was the first to strike and when I did everyone was so surprised that I had an extra minute or so leave while everyone else tried to decide what to do. Another time (and by far the ugliest) I attempted to call the police which did no good and my reactions after the incident came from rage rather then reason.

The way people respond to life threatening situations is something that is almost impossible to predict and if you think you know what youíll do when that time comes youíre fooling yourself.
I've been in a few life-threatening situations, I tend to always react the same way, detach emotionally and do whatever needs to be done to live. Sometimes that means finding cover, sometimes it means sucker punching someone and running. Scared shitless panic comes later. (The one time I was in a blind panic was the result of a night terror of all things, I suddenly realized hubby was holding my arms at my side and I was screaming. Strange stuff man)
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