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Default Re: You guys are insane...

Originally Posted by faeriekitsune View Post
Same here. I use three for the first five minutes to get it up to temp, then take the 3rd coal off until they've died over half way then I toss it back up there. Overheating HH, even by a little, not only kills the flavor but can harsh it quickly.
Agreeded... You can start up with 2 and a windcover pretty quickly, but 3 long term is going to burn it.

One thing with HH, if you burn it.... Then you ruined the bowl from what I can tell, I have a hard time recovering hookahhookah once it gets over heated. That might just be my Novice skills but ive tried alot and still cant recover the bowl if starts to burn just a little. I can do it pretty easily with other wetter shishas but not with HH.

Am not a real fan of the flavors so far besides 7 Spice... but I think HH has a nice Vapor quality to it. It seems like am blowing out Vapor instead of smoke, like am breathing right up next to one of those water vaporizes my mom use to setup for me when I had a bad cold when I was kid.
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