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Default Re: KM purge valve problem

Sorry to say that I just got a new TEMSAH yesterday, and as I was cleaning it before the first use, I noticed that the purge valve opening was not clean inside: It seemed badly engineered, and had some redundant metal obstructing part of the opening. As I tried the airtightness with water on the base and by closing the upper end of the main tube with my hand, I confirmed that there was a bad leak at the purge valve. The ball does'nt sit well. I tried sanding the opening with a file. The draught improved a little bit, but the leak was still there, since the opening was not perfectly even nor perfectly round. Following your very useful advices, I will next try with a bigger BB (6mm) ball or else resort to grinding carefully with a DREMEL. Let's hope I'll fix the problem. I would'nt like to convert my nice new Egyptian TEMSAH in a traditionnal waterpipe without purge valve... I already have 5 such pipes, Turkish or Tunisian ones...

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