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Default The parents found the hookah

So, I was gone for a little over a week. My parents were looking in my room for a rented DVD and they happend to check my back pack. In there was my hookah, all disassembled and with the shisha on the top. My dad just thought it was chewing tobacco and tried it. Mom found the hookah and was flipping out, thinking it was a **** or some other drug related item. My father eventually convinced her otherwise.

Today my dad talked to me about and asked why I had a hookah. I said it was actually a friend's and his parents made him throw it out but is having me hold it for him instead. Then I find out my dad is perfectly fine with it and actually wants to try it. I guess I'll have to get a second base or say something like I ended up buying it from my friend so I can keep my Mya.

About twenty minutes ago I decided to set it up on my desk since I no longer have to hide it from them. I had to search for the hose, bowl, charcoals, tongs, and shisha. It seems my mom threw them away in my trash can.

I was thinking for a long time that my parents would flip shit if they found out I had one. But now I find out that they're just fine with it and are glad that I'm not smoking something like cigarettes.
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