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Default Re: My adventures with UPS

Originally Posted by Party_Clown View Post
I never have any problem with UPS, Fedex is a different story though, if I am not home they leave it on the other side of my gate in a plastic bag (if my gate is not open) and if it is open they put it on my front step. And the delivery guy is crazy nice! So sorry that you had a bad experience with them, but hey I bet the KM made all the troubles fade away and now you have a fun story to tell people when they smoke out of it!

its opposite for i live in canada.. fed-ex is the best way to go.. UPS sucks for canadians because of their huge brokerage fees they make you pay for crossing the boarder.. have not had that issue with Fed-Ex (yet).. but most things come UPS anyways..

im not complaining about their service.. because its fast enough, it just sucks they rape you on the customs charges when they dont have to.
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