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Default Disappointed, what do i do?

So, i've been saving up to buy my first KM and i've fallen in love with the Pharonie tri metal stem because of the egyptian glyphs on it but don't like bell shaped vases so pretty much bought a custom hookah with all the pieces i wanted.

The day after i ordered it last week i get a very nice call from the customer service letting me know the Pharonie they have in stock is slightly different but does have the same glyphs.

Well it just came in today (one day early so props to their shipping) but it's the regular KM tri-metal not the Pharonie.

I'm devastated. Especially since i bought a separate extra large 4-metal wind cover with egyptian glyphs to go with it for $30 from a different vendor.

So I'm trying to tell myself it's the same shit, but Jebus, i'm sitting here trying to fall in love with something i paid $170 (in total) for that was supposed to be my ideal perfect hookah. And I hate it.

It's like holding your newborn baby and finding out you're not the father. (ok, a bit of a stretch that one, but it's the best analogy i could think of)

But I don't know where else i can get that stem without buying the entire hookah. The stem itself was about $75. I'd return it, but then where the hell can i get just the pharonie stem?

KM or not, the deciding factor was the Egyptian detail that the stem i received doesn't have and I know i'm going to be reminded of that fact everytime i smoke out of it.

I almost feel like I'm going to have to return the stem and dish out another $120 to buy an entire Pharonie hookah.

BAH!!! Months i've been waiting and saving for this day and it's ruined. Don't want to name the vendor because if it weren't for this one detail, they were fantastic. But now i'm out the shipping costs to send this thing back. man... ugh!
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