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Default Re: Stuck Ball Bearing

Originally Posted by Cadrian View Post
Figured Id piggy back off this topic....

I got a Small Sahara Smoke Hookah... and hose adapter has a BB in it like it was setup for a rig with more then one hose. The Damn thing keeps sticking... Really really really annoying. I was thinking of ordering a Mod Adapter with out the autoseal to replace it but any other options?

I was thinking of some how pulling out the little bar that holds it back from sucking it up but that means id have to get some glue and seal up the hole in the side of it. Then again that bar seems to be a pain to get out.
if its just a one hose which it sounds like you were saying, not really sure, then just take the bb out all together. Its unnecessary and is only restricting your draw a ton. im not sure how ss holds the ball in there but take out the screw/ drill out whatevers in there also. not needed and restricting. if it was a screw just fill the hole in the side with super glue or somthin.
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