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Default Re: Disappointed, what do i do?

UPDATE: wOOHOO! [Homer Simpson impression] We're good!

Anywho, thanks for all your guys' support. I'm not sure what vendors are supporting vendors acutally, i'm assuming these guys are - but they've given me great customer service even before i placed the order so i don't want to tarnish any names.

So I called their customer service and the guy I spoke to was really understanding and knew right off the bat how to take care of it;

So {crossing my fingers here}, one way or another, he's going to find the correct Pharonie stem - whether it means finding one form a pre-packaged hookah or a window display and polishing it up - then sending it to me and i will use that same box to ship the flagged stem back to them.

And he's even throwing in some of those Chinese flat grommets to make sure the stem fits the large genie vase I had ordered. So, wooo! They've definitely just made a returning customer in me.

Best customer support i've ever experienced. Ever.

I'm sure i'll be posting plenty of pictures of this baby once it's all put together. ( just noticed i say "so" a lot). But so, i'm actually happier now than i would have been had the order been correct to begin with!


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