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Default Re: Need help with Hookah!!

Looks like a Mya style Chinese hookah. Easy to clean as all the parts unscrew from each other. The top unscrews from the stem ( the decorative parts on the outside come off, I'm sure), the stem from the heat (where the hoses go) and the downstem (goes into the base). You'll need a small bottleor tube brush to clean the insides of the stem. Cleaning brushes are available at any of the vendors listed here on HP.

The hoses look to be Mitsuba brand which are unwashable. If they're old, it'd best to just toss 'em. Brands like Nammor and Razan are washable and have a good reputation.
As for value, couldn't say. Used Chinese hookahs normally don't carry much of a premium. But it looks nice and probably smokes good, so I'd say keep it.
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