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Default Misc tobacco mixing?

Has anyone tried mixing other types of tobacco into shisha? (Strictly legal, middle of the the road, buy in a gas station legal) The reason I am wondering this is because I have never expierenced the slightest buzz from shisha. I have tried many types, although never tangiers (which seems to be a favorite of the buzz seeker-types) but nothing gives me a buzz at all. I don't smoke or dip regularly, so I know my nic tolerance isn't preventing it. although, when I dip I feel a buzz within minutes. So I'm wondering if it's the way its getting into my system (smoked, dipped) or if its the type of tobacco. could you mix in some loose tobacco with the shisha to add to it or would it just fuck it up? I'm sure this is a dumb idea, but maybe someone has tried it that could weigh in?
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