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Default Re: Need help with Hookah!!

At first glance I would definitely be convinced that it was a MYA, but then again I've seen some similar hookahs in the hookah shop the differences being that they weren't of as high of a polish, and generally not as highly finished. But I've only seen that type of ornate covering on a MYA. Look for some MYA stampings because they use specific grommet sizing/design I believe.

Call and thank your old roommate it looks like a nice rig.

But as far as what to do.. I would first get all new hoses. Those synthetic leather hoses have metal winding on the inside to keep shape which also rusts very easily and might pull through with the smoke. The tips are chromed and the metal can start flaking from the inside (so even if you don't see it flaking). I would order new ones online to avoid cheap Chinese parts from a hookah shop, and getting reamed in the mean time. The Nammor would be a great choice, but lotsa $$, so shop for it, or just come back to us with how much you want to spend i guess.
Second I would replace all of the grommets depending on how long it's been. If it's been a year you might be fine but more like 2-3 years replace them all. Base, bowl, and hose grommets.
Check the inside of the hose adapters (all 4) for rusted ball bearings. If they are pull them out, get some new ones (not from a hookah vendor, for the same price you can buy 100s of the best suited stainless steel, check amazon).
Clean everything pretty thoroughly, the residue left over from the shisha probably attracted a good amount of shit from the air. There are guides to making a pipe cleaner out of a scrubbing pad (Scotch makes some) and a hanger. As far as the base I've found that you can even just stick a paper towel or two in there with soapy water and give it a vigorous swish (dont let it slip though) and the paper towel comes out fairly easy. It should be pretty easy to tear down to clean as well..
Obviously get some new shisha, the old stuff is probably pretty gross.
Lastly, moisture in the air can get to coal so you might want some new stuff. I think people have guides on how to cook the moisture out of coals like Coconara, but starting new might just be easier.

The guides might have some better advice, but I guess these might just be some easy bullet points. Everything leads me to believe it is a MYA because of the color coordination, hose choice, style of the stem, and even the base.
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