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Default Re: You're an idiot.

I took my hookah to a cousins party and left it out for them to use, them being about 15 people. I left to go hang out in the back with some of our mutual friends and I go to the garage where they were with the hookah and decided to get into the rotation. What I got was a not delicious smoke, but a horrible mouthful of nasty water.

The problem was my hookah is pretty small so basically with a bunch of people there was gonna be a whole lot of bowl changing. These people being drunk, they didn't clean out the bowl, clean out the stem, change the water, at anytime between 5 sessions worth of shisha. All the juices ran down the stem and got into the water and they added more ice without dumping water so water was coming up into the hose. It was so bad that the when I FINALLY cleaned out the base, it the water was orange/red with AF peach syrup!

Lesson... Never leave a hookah out with drunk and inexperienced people.
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