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Default Fantasia: Lack of smoke???

So I purchased some Fantasia Fuzzy Naval tonight, and decided to smoke a bowl in order to test the brand out. First of all, I was VERY happy with the flavor, very "peachy"

My gripe is, I didn't get a lot of smoke. Considering how wet the shisha was I expected more smoke.

My setup is as follows:
Nammor Cleopatra
Nammor Hose
Vortex Bowl
Double reg. foil (dropped to single later)
3 coco's with a windcover
Regular base setup (water, cold but no ice)

This amount of heat should have garnered me SOMETHING by way of smoke, no harshness but no fluffy white f*** off clouds I expected based on videos I've seen.

Is this specific to Fuzzy Naval, or am I just stupid?

Thanks in advance,
Smoke happy
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