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Default Re: You're an idiot.

First of all it's a grabbing title.

Anyways most of my stupid doings have been minor. One that happens all of the time though is when I am moving my coconaras from the burner to my hookah (a good 15 feet, outdoors) the little embers are always flying off landing on that skin between the thumb and index finger or just over the top of the hand.

On the other hand. I had a 32" mod on a little table and my friend with the assistance of alcohol was tending coals and kicked the leg of the table such that a small lemon coal was able to fly off the top and onto my head. I was quick enough to brush it off but the smell of burning hair lingered. I don't think I got full scalp contact, but the smell was enough to ruin a session (I have to think it rolled. No bald spots or anything, my hair was long at the time)
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