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Default Re: You're an idiot.

I put my single coil burner on the concrete floor outside and I got shocked just by touching the coals with my tongs. Note that I did not even touch the coil, I could have had big problems then.

Best part about it is that I thought it was unrelated health problems so I tried two more times before realizing "oh damnit."

Not much other than things when I was a newbie. Like washing out metal coil hoses and eventually figuring out that I was inhaling rust particles constantly.

Putting hookah tobacco I used back in the bag to soak up some juices and save money (ugh, this was back in 2006 or 2007.)

Thinking that natural coals were bad because I had to take forever to light them.

Leaving a hookah stem in a vase full of water for very long periods of time (with a generic Chinese rig!)

Damn, did my brain not work back then?
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