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Default Re: Local shop selection

I think I have one of the best areas if you like SB or Fusion. I am in Orange County, Fusion is based out of Fullerton I believe, and Starbuzz out of Anaheim. So every hookah shop has at least one of those if not both. Then they also have the occasional laylina and al fakher selections. As far as getting the name brand hookahs, its a real hit or miss.. most truly local shops are all Chinese cheap rigs selling around $100. There is one with decent mods (MYA) and one with decent Egyptians (had Magdy Zidan at a huge markup of course, but I'm not sure what they are moving on to.) There are a ton of hookah bars down here. I'm sure it's in the 20s within 15 min driving range from me, but I've never really looked to see what they had to offer.
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