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Default UPDATE: The Great KM Shipping Saga -- Finally Shipped!

So I am attempting to buy a 29" KM Tri-metal. I placed an order with These are my stories.

May 31st (PM) - I place my order
June 1st (AM) - Receive email asking me for a copy of my ID (H-L has a policy of checking ID for purchases with separate billing and shipping addresses)
June 1st (PM) - Receive call and email from Mike telling me that they are out of stock of both the 1 hose 29" stem and the black stem I wanted. Offers to upgrade me to the 2 hose with a blue base for free
June 1st (PM) - I confirm this is fine, receive a confirmation back telling me my order with ship 1-2 business days
June 1st (PM) - Receive a mysterious email from "Express Sales" telling me that my order has shipped, with an order number that is much longer that my original one. No tracking number
June 4th - (note that it is three business days after the 1st) Still have not received tracking information, so I send H-L support an email
June 4th (PM) - Receive a response from Mike telling me that my order was actually processed on June 2nd (no it wasn't...) and that they still have one more business day to ship it. He assures me that the order will ship that Friday, June 5th
June 7th - I did not, and still have not received any tracking information/shipping confirmation so I send another email to Mike. He informs me that the items were in stock when I ordered them, and that he will get in touch with the warehouse about it. He also says that he will have tracking information by the next day at the latest.
June 8th (PM) - Still no tracking information, I send another email to Mike. He responds by saying he will have tracking information by the end of the day.
June 9th (AM) - Still no tracking information.

blurgh. I realize I'm being impatient, but it has been over 1 week already and the item hasn't shipped...So much for 1-2 business day shipping...

June 9th (PM) - Received tracking number/shipping confirmation. Estimated delivery date: 6/14.

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