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Talking Re: You're an idiot.

Originally Posted by EvanW View Post
Which parts strike you as strange?

The pedicure?
My lack of proper response to burning coals?
My acknowledgment that I'm an idiot?
My coming to terms with my own demise via Darwin?
My lawn chair?
ehem all o fthe above but hey ive had my darnwin moments... ive grabbed a pan right out the oven forgetting to get a *** holder.. dropped wet food in thot oil resulting in a huge spatering (still have a lil burn spot from such an incedent) ive also had my son in my lap playin withth ehose....he gave it a good yank once and i ended up with a coal on my arm tobbaco in my lap freakin out getting him ou tof the way and catchin my hookah....i now have a ceack in the decorative glass round my stem which is just visual defect and does not effect the air flow at all but is aconstant reminder to not let my son pull on th ehose.... ill let him put the end in my mouth but if he tries to yank hes off the lap and in the lil pin!!oh and one time i dropped a craft knife on th eground and stepped on it!! another time i brok ea glass tea container and walke daround all day with a huge arsed piece in my big toe an ddidnt know it was there till i went to scratch the itchy toe and out popped the glass piece!! i also ran through the house an dgot half aneedle broken into my foo tand had to get it surgically removed!! anothe rtime i was trying to be cool and put my steak on aknife and cut agash in my middle finger which requires some stitches....and the listr goes onn and on!!

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