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Default Re: You're an idiot.

Originally Posted by johnp View Post
I purchased my first hookah in Baghdad in 2003; I returned to our tents with my new prize and some strawberry tobacco... only to have an overzealous member of the group around our rickety card table try to stretch the hose much farther than it should. The base broke. Not wanting to wait until I could purchase another, I then decided it would be a good idea to repair said base with copious amounts of super glue and electrician's tape....
Everything I smoked tasted like superglue, and the headache lasted about a week.

Not my best idea. Similarly (after returning to the US) thought it would be a great idea to fill the base of another hookah with pure vodka. Smoke was harsh, and I was drunk within what seemed like minutes....way faster than drinking.
I could go on.
omg id be killing some friends!! them hookahs over there are very exspensive!! also with the vodkah thing you shoul dof known better!!
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