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Default Re: Waiting for my order

Tycho, congrats on your new hookah. As for tobaccos if you like the sweet stuff then try Starbuzz, Fantasia, Social Smoke, Hookah Hookah . . . pretty much any of those might be what your looking for. While some will pooh pooh a few of those brands I've found that most of the manufacturers have some flavors that are hits and some that are misses. You pretty much have to try them to see what hits for you and what doesn't. For instance, several of the Nakhla Mizo flavors get rave revues on here from many, many members. I, myself, haven't cared for any of the Mizo flavors I've tried. Doesn't mean that Mizo is bad. Just means that it didn't make my taste buds jump for joy. It's all so subjective and personal that if you only rely on what others say as far as tobacco flavor goes you may well end up missing something that you'd find really good. So, to summarize this novella, try them. Try them all. You never know what you will like whether or not someone else likes it. Smoke happy.

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