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Originally Posted by lastinterface View Post
Mine's a Chinese POS, and my friend... well I wouldn't call him that, but some dude I know gives me major shit just because he's been smoking for a year longer, and he has 8 hookahs. As long as it smokes good, who gives a fuck what brand it is?
guy sounds like a real douche. its not about how many you have or what type, its about enjoying it as much as you can. If you love the hell out of your Chinese hookah, by all means be happy. you have to take the recommendations for the "best" hookah stuff on here as more like advice than as the standard for what you "should" have. People say KM is the best because of their experience with it, and that's fine. thats what they have found to work for them. you can't quantify enjoyment of something. Besides, who made hookah smoking a competition?
Live, learn, love hookah.
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