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Default Re: You're an idiot.

Originally Posted by helema27 View Post
omg id be killing some friends!! them hookahs over there are very exspensive!! also with the vodkah thing you shoul dof known better!!
Well...back then they weren't so expensive. I think I paid a grand total of 20 bucks for the one that got busted.
As for the wasn't like this forum existed back then (did it?) and hookah was still looked at askance by most people...
so yeah...there were a few things I tried that anyone now knows better than doing....
We also couldn't get anything but Japanese charcoal (and later Lebanese and Syrian) but no quick lights. Our solution? Soak the stuff in Zippo fluid, let it burn until it seemed to have burned off, and put the coal on.
Just about ruined a hookah with mint one time too. I'm still anti-mint and that was 7 years ago....
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