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Default Re: Coconut Milk = Big Clouds?

Originally Posted by joser81 View Post
dude, explain this to me please. Help out a newb...
Your tongue and olfactory receptors (Those things in your head which decode aromas and flavors) have trouble picking up the flavor of things that are cold.

Take ice cream... When it melts, it tastes way sweeter and stronger than when frozen. This is because it is over-flavored to compensate for the fact that being frozen reduces your ability to pick up the flavor.

Personally, I don't think anything belongs in the base but liquid water. If you need to add a bunch of goofy crap to your base to make your session enjoyable, you should probably think about trying a different tobacco or coal first.

Some claim that chilling the base (Whether by adding ice or going to inane lengths to create goofy smoke-cooling devices) provides a thicker smoke, but I don't buy it. I get plenty thick smoke with lukewarm water.

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