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Default Re: Tobacco Brands Compared

Originally Posted by ttdr View Post
Yea it does make sense but different brands have the same flavor.
so why should i choose for a brand for what particular reason ?

- price.
- clouds.
- different flavors
- buzz effect
Price varies from vendor to vendor.. use a trusted vendor and it will be worth every penny from the customer service you receive to the quickness of shipping and available tracking numbers...

brands do have many of the same flavours.. but they do not all taste the same.. every brand uses their own recipe to make their flavours.. which is why some taste better then others..

usually clouds are about the same for every brand, but you will find the juicier the shisha, the more clouds you will get.. this has to do with the amount of glycerin that is added to the shisha.

buzz.. if you want buzz.. nakhla is known for producing a good buzz.. otherwise:
herbal shisha = no buzz
washed tobacco = little buzz
unwashed tobacco = big buzz

hope that helps a bit..

sm0ke Ez
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