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Default Re: Tobacco Brands Compared

I have never stuck to one brand. when i started smoking it was my sis-in-law who introduced me to Pharoes blueberry, and i really liked it. got a pipe, ordered some, what we thought was tobacco, ended up being tea shisha. Flavor was good, but we wanted a buzz so i looked around. found Laylalina blueberry. not bad buy very wet. then we found HH blueberry. Very good stuff. now that we moved we cant find bluberry so we just kept trying different 50g boxs of AF that are around us, and now we smoke AF Watermelon. (At least untill i get my first sample box fromSahara Smoke, hopefullly by sat or monday, YAY!)

Point is, try it if the flavor sounds good. I noticed blueberry was mostly the same with the 3 brands i tried, but other properties where different like cut, wettness (giggity), and strenghth of flavor. I knew i had a good shisha when my sis-in-law was smoking outside, i open my tub of HH Blueberry and she can smell it as she is comeing in from a cig, before i even packed the bowl.

Oh, and stay away from AF Two Apple, unless you like a really strong Anise flavor that kicks you all the way down and up.
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