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Default Re: Getting ready to purchase first hookah

Originally Posted by z4dave View Post
I`ve been smoking hookah for about 5-6 years and looking to purchase my 1st real hookah I`ve had a hookah before but it was more of a toy

Looking to try some different shesha brands/flavors than just what my local hookah lounges carry.

Any Tips or opinions would be greatly appreciated

Im deciding between 30" 1 Hose Startgate

or a Ed hardy hookah

Both i`ve smoked out of and liked but im not sure how they rank.
Besides the general hookahs most lounges carry thats the only hookahs i`ve smoked out of
I dont mind spending a little bit a on quality hookah that will last awhile any other options I should be looking at?

also im planning to heat my coals on a electric burner and want the best coals not sure what a good brand I hate when hookah taste like coals

I agree with everyone else. NO ED FARTY!!!!!! Get a km. you will be more than glad you did. And if youll be getting coals to light on the stove go with coco naras or ******* hookah natural coals. Also for other shisha flavors and brands I as well as many other people will recommend nakhla, espacallt the mizo line. I hope this helps. Happy smoking!
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