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Angry Phunnel bowl jumps off the top of KM


so, about a week ago, i got my new KM carnival, and i love it, but for the fact that the male adapter for the bowl is so tall and just overall huge. the bowl gasket that came with the hookah not only did not fit the egyptian bowl, but absolutely would not work with the phunnel. w/e... this seems to be a common trend. so, i went through all the other gaskets in the house, and found one old gasket, so old that where it used to be translucent and flexible, it is now completely brown and almost rigid. cleaned it up a little, put it on, pushed the bowl on as hard as i felt like i could without the threat of damaging anything, and everything seemed to be OK... until about 20 minutes into the third session (over the course of 3 days, we had two awesome and completely problem free sessions, then this one), we noticed the comically tall bowl had started to lean just a little. straightened it out, and everything was fine for about 5 minutes. i guess once the gasket got good and warm, it became not-so-rigid, and couldn't hold up the bowl any more. no idea why this took 2.5 sessions to present itself, but so be it. so now, i'm repositioning the bowl every 5 minutes for the rest of the session. until i got distracted and forgot one time. boom, crash, sizzle -- the bowl has ejected itself from the hookah and now 3 hot coals are eating their way through the carpet. yay!

so, that was now my good gasket, it worked for my other bowls (maybe just because they aren't so tall and top heavy. used it with a small egyptian bowl, 1 coco, and a windcover. melted the fuckin gasket... completely. took me almost 5 minutes to seperate the bowl from the hookah. did not see that one coming.

so, two days later, feeling (idiotically) brave, i tried out the phunnel again, with a different gasket that i thought would hold it just fine. when it was cold, the hold was so solid that i picked the hookah up (only about .5") off the floor by holding only the bowl. good to go, right? nope. this time, same results, but the windcover was on, so there was way more noise, but no carpet burns.

i've got hole pattern and heat management down... apparently my next challenge is keeping the bowl on top of the hookah... something so seemingly simple it had never occurred to me that there was a potential problem there.

next, with an empty bowl, i tried to concoct my own gasket. wetted paper towel was no match for wobbly bowl. couple of strips of aluminum foil wrapped around the stem, pushed the bowl on, another tight wrap seemed to seal it decently, but not really to my liking, and i wasn't really confident in its structural integrity... gave up for the night.

went by my local tobacconist today, looking for a good grommet. i think i found one. i didn't have any cash on me, and he doesn't run cards for purchases under $10, so he gave it to me and i owe him a buck next time i come in. gotta love good local vendors. just finished a full session with no repositioning, and no accidents. But... it was just me smoking, so no passing the hose around and no other people thumping around the room.

i think the next step is a diffuser to quiet the bubbles a little. less vibrations should help, i think. if that fails, i'm givin up on the gasket and goin for PTFE tape.
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