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Default Re: My first video review

as for the video:

surprise, you bought a shitty hookah and are pretty much totally unhappy with it. sorry.
The intro was retarded long-we get it...its a slowly do you have to read it to need to take that much time?
The music is fine in the beginning, i thought it was annoying but thats more of a taste in music thing, and you can't please everyone. HOWEVER, the music through the entirety of the video was like this thing i saw once where two people speak at the same time and you are supposed to focus on just one. Annoying and kind of a mind fuck.

on the plus side: you gave a lot of details which is good, and I like that you sorta tell u show you feel about the product from your own point of view...which is basically what a review is, so in that light, you got it right on.

hopefully, you buy a decent hookah soon and can do another review. maybe some shisha?
Live, learn, love hookah.
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