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Default Re: My first video review

Originally Posted by trptguy007 View Post
as for the video:

surprise, you bought a shitty hookah and are pretty much totally unhappy with it. sorry.
The intro was retarded long-we get it...its a slowly do you have to read it to need to take that much time?
The music is fine in the beginning, i thought it was annoying but thats more of a taste in music thing, and you can't please everyone. HOWEVER, the music through the entirety of the video was like this thing i saw once where two people speak at the same time and you are supposed to focus on just one. Annoying and kind of a mind fuck.

on the plus side: you gave a lot of details which is good, and I like that you sorta tell u show you feel about the product from your own point of view...which is basically what a review is, so in that light, you got it right on.

hopefully, you buy a decent hookah soon and can do another review. maybe some shisha?
Thanks for the critiques, I wanted an intro that I liked that I could put on all of my videos, and at 18 seconds I didn't think it was too long, trimmed as much as possible to only get one cool line from the song lol. If you knew me personally you would see why, thats one of my two all time favorite songs lol, listen to it nearly daily.

I am buying a KM very soon and will do a review as soon as I get it. I have been reluctant to review any shisha because I have a crappy rig and am using crappy ql coals, seems an unfair set-up for the shisha. I am sending off the cash for my new km at the begining of july, and I will be ordering some more coconaras then, and will be trying to review like crazy.

I enjoy doing reviews, but am sooooooo camera shy. Last christmas my family was able to sneak two pictures of my face lol. Trying to get over it though.
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