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Default Re: My first video review

BTW the rule is
Rule #2:
There are to be no drug references in posts.
.. Pay particularly close attention to this because if you violate this rule there will be no warnings! The first course of action will be an automatic 4 day strike ban!
Drug discussion of anything other than shisha / tobacco will NOT be tolerated here! This includes EVERYTHING from such phrases and euphemisms as: "not always shisha", "the other stuff", "the stuff we don't mention", etc ..
Do not discuss paraphernalia used for smoking illegal drugs. We do not call a hookah a B0NG or any other slang terminology. A hookah is a hookah here, and its intention is to be used to smoke hookah tobacco. A B0NG is NOT a hookah. There is a big difference!
Do not post drug related pictures because they will not be tolerated here. Do not post drug related pictures anywhere within this site! That includes within posts, albums, avatars, signatures, etc ..

I have no drug references anywhere, I simply show a link to my hookah on a crazy large website. I see nowhere where I will be responsible for the contents of someone elses website, so I think I am ok here.

Thanks for the heads up though coyotera, I have WAY familiarized myself with the rules now lol.
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